June 9, 2017 | 19th of Sivan, 5777

Mazal Tov Class of 2017!



Our MJDS Journey

As the 2016-17 school year comes to a close, the two of us wanted to share a few words about transition, change and new beginnings.

MJDS has undergone transformative change over the past three school years. With a tremendous investment in professional learning, our teachers have brought student-owned learning to the fore. Never before have our children been more in control of and engaged in their learning, and never before have they had access to such a diversity of high and low tech tools to accelerate their learning. When you compare the MJDS of August 2014 to today, the changes -- much like the changes a middle schooler undergoes in just three years -- are breathtaking. As the two primary leaders of this transformation (along with our consultant Dale Truding), we are both so proud of our staff, students and parents.

And now it is time for both of us to move on to our next challenge. Sheryl is finishing her time as head of school and transitioning back to an advisory role as the school's 36th year approaches. Brian has also chosen to wrap up his MJDS career. After 14 years as a teacher, head of school and director of innovation, he is ready to tackle a new challenge (whatever that may be!) and focus on being an MJDS parent and volunteer.

We couldn't be more excited to pass the baton to Aaron Lippman next year. The fact that MJDS was able to attract such a successful and highly regarded education professional to our school speaks volumes about the depth of our transformation. We often talk about "authentic assessments" at MJDS. Sometimes the term refers to how we measure student achievement. And sometimes it is an outcome, even an unplanned one, whose very existence is a testament to persistence and hard work. That Aaron Lippman will soon be our head of school is MJDS' very own authentic assessment. Our school community will be in superb hands.

We both have a deep, abiding love for MJDS. Sheryl's grandchildren and Brian's children will of course remain students; and both of us are looking forward to being passionate volunteers and boosters for the school that we adore. Thank you for your support throughout this journey. It has been our pleasure to play a small part in the legacy of a truly special school. Happy summer, and l'hitra'ot (see you later)!

With love,

Sheryl and Brian

Graduation Assembly 2017

This week, MJDS graduates, their families, friends and students in grades 5-7, came together for graduation assembly. The event was lovely, personal and meaningful. It included a message from our parents, multiple awards and a fun multimedia show with pictures of the eighth graders over the years. Mazal tov to Class of 2017!

Message from Alan and Michelle S., parents of Charlie S.

Message from Julie and Yoni Z., parents of Ela Z.

To see the full version of graduation assembly, CLICK HERE.



The Week In Pictures


Mazal tov to seventh grader Milo who celebrated becoming a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, May 27!

Mazal tov to MJDS staff member and alumna Ali Kravit on the birth of her daughter Hannah, born Sunday, May 28.

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