Welcome from Head of School

Leading, Succeeding and Engaging

Welcome to MJDS! You are entering a learning community where inspiring passion for education is the basis for lifelong learning.

Our students blend their creativity, curiosity and determination to form their intellect and develop as caring people. Our teachers are learners through intensive, ongoing professional development that maintains an environment of excellence in their classrooms. Our parents become part of our vibrant, pluralistic and welcoming community. It is a community like no other; a community where love and joy are ever-present.

At MJDS, our outstanding teachers guide students on an interdisciplinary, student-owned learning journey where a culture of innovation and Jewish values in action are pillars. Our students learn as their minds are nourished and their souls are nurtured. They know the importance of being a good person as well as a good student, all the while taking care of one another while they also take care of the world around them. Jewish values are integrated into all aspects of a student’s learning journey as we promote practice and acceptance, value all expressions of Judaism, and connect with one another.

I am thrilled you are taking the time to explore our website, but to really know us and understand the unique MJDS learning journey, I invite you to visit us. See for yourself how we inspire and guide our students’ passions in an atmosphere of love, warmth and nurturing. Spend time at MJDS and you will soon understand what we mean when we say that at MJDS we inspire a passion for learning.

As a parent of two MJDS graduates, I have seen firsthand the impact of choosing MJDS for your family. I look forward to sharing MJDS with you, through the eyes of our students today and those who are already out in the world succeeding, leading and engaging.


Sheryl Primakow,
Head of School