Tuition Affordability Q&A

Q. Why do families need to complete the Grant Application Form and attach so many documents?

A. We know completing this form can be a lot of work and time consuming. There are several reasons we need this information:

1) to secure our share of the Helen Bader Grant funds each year;
2) to assure that funds are being allocated equitably among MJDS families; and
3) to provide information to funders and the larger Milwaukee Jewish community about the need for financial support for Jewish education.

Q. What is the Helen Bader Grant?

A. Bader Philanthropies has generously donated $500,000 to be allocated each year to the six day schools in Milwaukee based on the aggregate need demonstrated by each school.

Q. Who should complete the Grant Application Form?

A. Families requesting placement on the Tuition Affordability Guide, except for qualified recipients of Supporting the Advancement of Jewish Education (SAJE), must submit a completed Grant Application Form.

Q. What if my child still qualifies for the Building Our Future Tuition Grant?

A. If your child is eligible to continue receiving the Building Our Future Tuition Grant, your family will continue to utilize the MJDS Sliding Scale until the grant ends. In order to do so, you must submit a completed Grant Application Form.

Q. Does MJDS assist with other school costs?

A. MJDS assists with tuition only. Other school costs – such as transportation, afters chool programming, lunches and parent fundraising responsibilities – are not part of the tuition affordability process.

Q. When are the Grant Application Forms and attachments due?

A. All completed Grant Application Forms and supporting documents must be completed online no later than Friday, April 8.

Q. Who reviews my completed Grant Application Form?

A. Your Grant Application Form is reviewed by MJDS Business Administrator Christy Horn. In some unique, more complicated situations, impartial members of the MJDS Tuition Committee (a small non-parent committee) review applications. All applications are treated with compassion and sensitivity. Your materials are used in the process of securing grant funds from Bader Philanthropies. All materials are submitted to the Day School Grant Allocation Committee (DSGAC) after the identifying information is redacted. The DSGAC is comprised of community members and staff from the Coalition for Jewish Learning (CJL). Members of the DSGAC are not parents at any of the day schools receiving grant funds. The DSGAC will only accept an application if you furnish all necessary information.

Q. Who funds tuition affordability?

A. Tuition affordability is funded by financial support from generous donors, multi-year pledges, Bader Philanthropies, the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, unrestricted MJDS endowment income and internal support, which includes funds from fundraising activities and the annual campaign.

Q. What do I do if my financial situation changes after I submit my completed forms?

A. Inform Business Administrator Christy Horn immediately in writing at

Q. What if I submit my Grant Application Form after the deadline of April 8?

A. Forms received after April 8 may be too late for consideration. Parents who miss the deadline for submitting a Grant Application Form may not be eligible for any financial aid through MJDS and will be assessed a $200 late fee. Therefore, it is crucial that you return your completed forms as soon as possible.

Q. Who should I contact if I have questions?

A. Contact Christy Horn at 414-967-8309 or with any questions.