Daniel M. Soref Innovation Hub

Transforming spaces. Inspiring Innovation.

Our vision is bold. Milwaukee Jewish Day School’s new Daniel M. Soref Innovation Hub will meet the future needs of our children unlike any other school. It will transform how our students think. It will lay the groundwork for our students to become the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

Inspired by the Design Thinking process out of Stanford University’s d.School, this section of the school features the following four spaces:

The Ideation Studio: as the classroom of the future, this is where students will dream, brainstorm and be inspired. The furniture is comfortable and child-friendly. Children can write on many surfaces in the room. The space is modular, allowing small groups to work simultaneously or large groups to work collaboratively.

Once students have an idea, it’s time to “do” – to create something out of nothing. Depending on the nature of the idea, students will have three complementary spaces in which to bring their ideas to life:

The Engineering Lab: Adjoining the Ideation Studio, the Engineering Lab houses high tech equipment like our 3D printer, and its entire back wall will be a green screen for creative filmmaking.

The MakerSpace: Across the hall from the Ideation Studio and Engineering Lab, the MakerSpace is a blend of past, present and future — tinkering tables, circuitry, woodworking and all manner of hands-on learning and fabrication will take place here.

The Art Room: all the traditional components of an art room and kiln complement the other spaces. In some cases, a student’s project could involve all three spaces to build the prototype.