Enrollment Q&A

Q. How do I receive a waiver of the $200 enrollment fee?

A. Return your completed Enrollment Contract on time, and MJDS will waive the $200 enrollment fee.

Please contact Christy Horn at 414-967-8309 or chorn@mjds.org for submission deadlines.

Q. How do I apply to be placed on the Tuition Affordability Guide?

A. Families that want to apply for placement on the Tuition Affordability Guide should indicate so in section 1b on page 2 of the Enrollment Contract and complete an online Grant Application Form and all required attachments by submission deadline.

Please contact Christy Horn at 414-967-8309 or chorn@mjds.org for submission deadlines.

Q. What payment options are available?

A. There are two payment methods available as detailed in section 1a on page 2 of the Enrollment Contract.

1) Pay in full by check by August 1, 2018

2) Enroll in the FACTS Tuition Management program

Q. What is the FACTS Tuition Management program?

A. The FACTS Tuition Management program is a way to make periodic, interest-free installment payments. FACTS charges a one-time fee between $10 and $45 to administer your account.

Q. Are there financial obligations in addition to tuition and fees?

A. Tuition and fees alone do not cover the full cost of educating a child at MJDS. In addition to tuition and fees, each family is required to buy or sell 75 boxes of product in our Fruit and Nut Campaign (FAN) as detailed in section 2 of the Enrollment Contract. Contact Felicia Miller at fmiller@mjds.org or 414-967-8312 with questions.

Q. Where do I return my Enrollment Contract?

A. To maintain confidentiality, mail completed forms to: MJDS, Attn: Christy Horn, P.O. Box 170273, Milwaukee, WI 53217. If you prefer to drop your form at MJDS, please be sure it is in a sealed envelope marked Attn: Christy Horn.

Q. Is the tuition I pay to MJDS tax deductible?

A. Wisconsin allows a subtraction from income for tuition expenses paid to an eligible institution, which MJDS is. Refer to this link for more information:


Q. Who do I contact if I have questions?

A. Contact Business Administrator Christy Horn at 414-967-8309 or chorn@mjds.org.