Enrollment Q&A

Q. What is continuous enrollment and why does MJDS use it?

A. Continuous enrollment automatically holds each student's place for the next year. Families will no longer be required to complete an enrollment contract to "opt in" each school year, and students will continue to be enrolled until MJDS is notified in writing or they graduate.

With continuous enrollment, we are minimizing the amount of parent paperwork and streamlining our administrative processes to better serve our community.

Q. Is an annual tuition deposit required?

A. Yes, a continuous enrollment deposit of $100 per family is the "down payment" on tuition for the following school year. Deposits are due on March 31 of each year and will be fully applied toward the next year's tuition. Deposits can be paid by check or by enrolling in the FACTS Tuition Management Program.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding enrollment?

A. Contact Director of Admissions Michal Deskalo, mdeskalo@mjds.org or 414-967-8308.

Tuition and Other Fees Q&A

Q. What payment options are available?

A. There are two payment methods available:

1) Pay in full by check by August 1

2) Enroll in the FACTS Tuition Management Program

Q. What is the FACTS Tuition Management Program?

A. The FACTS Tuition Management Program is a way to make periodic, interest-free installment payments. FACTS charges a one-time fee between $10 and $45 to administer your account.

Q. Are there financial obligations in addition to tuition?

A. Tuition and fees alone do not cover the full cost of educating a child at MJDS. In addition to tuition and fees, each family is required to buy or sell 75 boxes of product in our Fruit and Nut Campaign (FAN), pay a $36 per family membership fee in the MJDS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and participate in our Annual Campaign.

Q. How does the MJDS PTO function?

A. MJDS is a community day school where we encourage parent participation to help build a strong, vibrant community. As a part of this community, you agree to donate at least four (4) hours per family each year in various capacities, including but not limited to PTO board of directors, room parent, Shabbat dinner/Ladies/Men’s night event coordinator, etc. Opportunities will be communicated to families during the summer. Additionally you agree to pay a $36 per family membership fee annually.

Q. Does MJDS offer transportation?

A. Bus transportation is provided by the Nicolet school district to families living within this area. Families that use the bus service pay an annual fee of $135 per family. This fee helps offset the costs for student supervision before and after school and administrative costs associated with coordination of the bus service.

Q. Does MJDS offer after-school care programs?

A. The Harry and Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center (JCC) provides an after-school care program through Kids Center for MJDS students in junior kindergarten through second grade. This program allows students to remain in a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment while they share activities and enjoy free play and homework time with other students. Fees are set by the JCC.

Q. Who do I contact if I have any other questions regarding tuition and fees?

A. You may contact Business Administrator Christy Horn, chorn@mjds.org or 414-967-8309.

Tuition Affordability Q&A

Q. Do all families pay full tuition?

A. No. Over 50% of MJDS families do not pay full tuition. We are committed to making an MJDS education affordable to every family who chooses to attend through our Affordable Customized Tuition Program.

Q. What is the Affordable Customized Tuition Program?

A. The Affordable Customized Tuition (ACT) program allows us to meet families where they are, regardless of financial circumstance. Learn more and view eligibility details on the ACT page.

For a printable version of the new Affordable Customized Tuition Program, click here.

Q. Why are families required to complete the Grant Application form?

A. We know completing this form can be a lot of work and time consuming. There are several reasons we need this information:

  1. To secure our share of the Helen Bader Grant funds each year
  2. To assure funds are being allocated equitably among MJDS families
  3. To provide information to funders and the larger Milwaukee Jewish community about the need for financial support for Jewish education.

Q. Who funds tuition affordability?

A. Tuition affordability is funded by financial support by generous donors, multi-year pledges, the Helen Bader Foundation, Milwaukee Jewish Federation, unrestricted MJDS endowment income and internal support, which includes funds raised from fundraising activities and the annual campaign.

Q. Who reviews my Grant Application form?

A. We greatly value the confidentiality of each family's personal and financial information. Grant Application forms are solely reviewed by Business Administrator Christy Horn with compassion and sensitivity, and your information is held in strict confidence.

Q. Who do I contact if I have any other questions regarding the Affordable Customized Tuition Program?

A. You may contact Business Administrator Christy Horn, chorn@mjds.org or 414-967-8309.