From Our Families

The decision was difficult to switch our son for one year. The initial idea was his; however, we were responsible for the follow through. We were hoping for an environment where he could learn to advocate for himself, and grow some confidence in his abilities. We have felt that was done and then some. We have seen him really become his own person this year. You all have created such a wonderful environment of nurturing and challenges. We are so grateful for all that you do.
- MJDS Parent, Shannon W.

These are amazing educators who put the needs of their students first and actively engage all parents daily/weekly. The fact that our son will not have any more in classroom time with them is crushing, but their virtual teaching is amazing. Big props to Wendy Messnick Cohen, Jori Broidy, and Adon Lippman as well. As a parent, I couldn't ask for anything more from our kids' school. As much as it is crushing for parents, know their hearts are probably hurting too.
-MJDS parent, Brad T.

We look forward with hope and enthusiasm to when school reopens in person, but we know that until that time, our kids are continuing to move forward with their academic learning, their friendships, and their relationships with MJDS staff, teachers, and the Jewish community.
-MJDS parent, Jessica B.

The love that the teachers have for their students can’t be described in better words. My heart doesn’t just hurt for my girls, who are missing the last 3 months with their incredible teachers—but also for the teachers themselves, who have built the love and trust in not just their students but their parents as well. I am completely shattered they won’t be back in the classroom the rest of the school year. Thank you Rona Kader Wolfe, Nancy Deveneau, Angela Pichler Fladwood, Jennifer Strassburger O'Malley, and Lisa Lefco Kulakow for loving my girls as your own and helping to guide them on the right path for success.
-MJDS parent, Stephanie R.

Milwaukee Jewish Day School is doing a great job adjusting to the current situation! I’m so thankful to have these amazing teachers for my kids! I can’t wait to be together at Shabbat sing in person!
-MJDS parent, Hannah S.