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We look forward to a time when we can tour you around our building in person, but in the meantime please enjoy our virtual tour and complete this form so we can give you a call to learn more about your child and answer your questions.

As distance learning becomes the norm our teachers and staff have adapted and remain connected, engaged and committed to providing the best learning experience for students and families.

Whether learning at home or in the building, MJDS is a cut above the rest.

Students worked with their family to create a daily schedule that includes a healthy bedtime, physical activity, time outside, work time, meals and games or activities with their family.

All of our teachers, from early childhood through eighth grade, have developed distance learning programs that engage and challenge students! We were able to transition smoothly and MJDS families continue to thrive.

Our families stay connected by joining a live Shabbat Sing every Friday!

Our students live our core values of wonder, empathy and tikkun olam making our community one where love and joy are ever-present.

We believe Judaism must be meaningful, relevant and accessible. We live in a world where what we do and how we act is becoming more important than simply what we know and Judaism is no different.

Students are challenged to think deeply about issues that matter to help them understand ideas from the inside out, and to make connections between ideas and concepts.

Through our inquiry-based curriculum, we encourage question asking and critical thinking so that students are empowered to apply these skills in their daily lives, widening their understanding to take action.

At MJDS we teach students to become innovators and own their learning. We nurture their inherent creativity, allow them to solve authentic problems, give them the freedom to fail and then try again.

Small class sizes create a connection between teachers and students as they are guided on their student-owned journey, the basis for lifelong learning.. 

We nurture students to think differently and to own their learning. We are committed to multi-disciplinary experiences that incorporate our Jewish values while giving students both a voice and choice in their learning process.

Cognitive growth occurs through social interactions at MJDS. Our students learn with and from one another in a supportive and nurturing setting to impact their social and academic learning.

A strong sense of social responsibility rings through the halls of MJDS as students are encouraged to move from me to we. By exploring how they can move beyond themselves into the local community to help and support others, students live the Jewish principle of tikkun olam.

Lower school students get their own lockers, developing independence, organization skills and a sense of ownership over their personal space.

The art room is a creative space that encourages students to find the medium they enjoy to express themselves with confidence and in creative ways.

Teaching our students how to be a mensch and apply the Jewish knowledge and skills they have learned is paramount.

Repairing Together aims to unite children from different backgrounds. MJDS partners with local schools to share and celebrate the cultural, racial and social differences in our local communities.

Our MJDS cutting edge innovation hub fosters creativity offering opportunities for woodworking, 3-D printing, painting, building, designing and more!

Early Childhood

Our enriching, three-year kindergarten journey focuses on exploration, curiosity and Jewish values.

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Lower School

First through fourth grade students are provided developmentally appropriate opportunities to own their learning and become knowledge seekers and creators.

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Upper School

Upper school students are given more choices and authentic opportunities to make a difference in the community, connecting with their Jewish values.

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