Affordable Customized Tuition Program

At MJDS, we are committed to providing personalized, focused education that meets the needs of each student and family. We also believe we have a social obligation to bring this same commitment to the affordability of an MJDS education to ensure that every family who chooses MJDS is able to attend.

With donor and community support and commitment, we've launched the MJDS Affordable Customized Tuition (ACT) program, beginning with the 2018-19 school year.

What Will be Different with the Affordable Customized Tuition Program?

The program is intended to make it affordable for all families to attain an MJDS education.

We’ve made modifications to:

  • Significantly increase the modified household income levels that qualify
  • Provide additional adjustments to tuition to take into consideration each family’s unique circumstances (such as child care, camp, college tuition, etc.)
  • Set tuition for siblings as a consistent declining percentage of the tuition for the first child
  • Simplify the application process for many families

How Does it Work?

There are three tuition processes:

1. As in the past, MJDS families whose modified household incomes are below approximately $240K* will complete a Grant Application Form.

2. Families whose modified household incomes exceed approximately $240K* can complete a one-page questionnaire and submit the first two pages of their Form 1040.

3. Families who do not qualify for either of the above will be charged full tuition.

*Modified household income levels are based on each family's unique financial circumstances.

Affordable Customized Tuition

The following ranges provide a general picture of the assistance available. Actual tuition is based on each family’s unique financial circumstances and will be set in partnership with MJDS Business Administrator Christy Horn. To start a conversation or receive the necessary documents to complete, contact Christy at or 414-967-8309. Please note that our admissions process is independent from the financial process, and admissions decisions are made without regard to a family’s ability to pay full tuition.

We greatly value the confidentiality of each family's personal and financial information. The forms and supplemental materials shared with us for the purposes of the Affordable Customized Tuition Program are held in strict confidence by our Business Administrator, Christy Horn.

Contact Business Administrator Christy Horn at or 414-967-8309. Christy will determine a unique, customized plan for each family and will provide all necessary forms.

Jewish Professional Tuition Rates Available

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