At MJDS, students blend their creativity, curiosity and determination to form their intellect and develop as people.

We inspire students to think differently, to take risks and to follow their passions. Throughout the MJDS journey, students learn how to appreciate, respect and collaborate with one another. Our students and alumni possess self-confidence, self-awareness and pride in their academic pursuits as they endeavor to improve the world.

Here’s a few more ways in which we set students up for success...

  • Smaller class sizes allow our teachers to help your child reach their own level of personal success.
  • Teachers and students connect in unique ways, forming strong bonds that create a safe space for each student to realize their own tremendous potential.
  • Our pluralistic community propels our ever-present respect for diversity, and we actively explore each other’s differences through tolerance and understanding.
  • Our curricula and school culture provide a model of social responsibility for students to live a life guided by Jewish values.
  • Academic excellence in a warm and supportive environment gives students a stronger sense of belonging, confidence and strength.

“In our son's first year at MJDS, we have seen him blossom. This school ensures that each child feels that he or she is part of a community and a family. The teachers create a warm environment where all children are encouraged to learn creatively and at their own pace. Not only has our son excelled in his schooling, he has developed a strong sense of Judaism. This has brought more Jewish traditions into our home as well. The junior kindergarten year has been a wonderful experience for our son, and our entire family.”

MJDS kindergarten parent.