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My MJDS Story: Sophia Edelstein
My MJDS Story: Sophia Edelstein

Dear MJDS Friends,

My Jewish identity not only defines who I am, but where I live. I say this because when I was in 3rd grade, my family and I decided to move to Milwaukee, so my siblings and I could have the privilege of attending a Jewish day school, and be a part of a thriving jewish community.

My Jewish identity has been shaped by a variety of factors. My earliest memories are of my preschool years, when I remember attending tot Shabbat services with my family, lighting Shabbat candles every Friday night, and having Shabbat dinners. I also have fond memories of going to synagogue and religious school, as well as celebrating all the Jewish holidays. All of these experiences together have helped me to know that Judaism is not just a part of me, but is inside of me, and therefore, my Jewish values guide me in making my daily choices.

As a result, after spending a significant amount of time being a student at MJDS, I have learned that to be a Jew means to stand up for what you believe in and what's important to you. This way of thinking has helped me to be a leader in my community. I have been blessed with having a variety of strong Jewish role models surrounding me in my life to inspire me and help me make the right decisions. Now, as I continue on my Jewish journey, MJDS has provided me with numerous opportunities to be a strong Jewish role model for a younger generation. From going to the JCC for mitzvah day, to being a Torah buddy, to visiting seniors, all of these various opportunities have allowed me to make a difference in my community, and help me to better understand that my voice and personal experiences matter and make a difference to those around me.

Judaism unites people and reminds them that they all have one thing in common, being a Jew. MJDS has taught me to not take my Judaism for granted, but to be proud of it. As an eighth grader, I look forward to going to Israel, as I know this opportunity will strengthen my Jewish identity and help to preserve all the memories I have at MJDS. I am thankful to MJDS for teaching me that I, as a young Jewish adult, have a role to play in performing tikkun olam. As I go on to high school, I will carry with me the memories of community that MJDS has provided me with, and know that it is my responsibility to continue on this path.

Sophia Edelstein
MJDS Class of 2018
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My MJDS Story: Sophia Edelstein
My MJDS Story: Sophia Edelstein
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