Programs and Activities

Shabbat Sing

Shabbat Sing is a time honored tradition at MJDS where parents and other family members are welcome and encouraged to attend! Join us on Friday mornings for singing and dancing, outside when the weather permits and inside the Beit Midrash when it does not.

Staff Professional Development

MJDS is committed to the professional and career development of staff to learn about the latest programming and teaching techniques for 21st century learning. Every week, our staff comes together for immersive professional learning that carries on throughout the course of the school year. In addition, our administrators and staff attend a variety of conferences and seminars outside of MJDS to amplify their education:

  • The Prizmah Conference
  • National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference
  • The Paradigm Project Conference
  • Teachers College
  • National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Conference
  • Civic Spirit
  • Teacher for the Arts
  • TalentEducators