MJDS ED Talk Marketing Kit

MJDS ED Talks bring together a community of educators and parents to gain a stronger understanding on how and why education is evolving around the world. These discussions also provide an opportunity for MJDS to demonstrate the school’s dedication to innovative learning and 21st-century teaching strategy that empowers and prepares students for the future. Hear from speakers at the forefront of education and invite your peers to join you for these powerful discussions using the sample content and graphics. ED Talks are free and open to the public; share on social media or via email to spread the word.

Social Media Tools

Share your involvement by following our social networks and posting about ED Talk events with your network!

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Use the following sample social media posts and edit as needed...

I’m attending the next MJDS ED Talk to connect with educators and parents on <insert date; February 26 or May 21> at MJDS. Learn more and join me for the discussion. https://www.mjds.org/ed-talk #mjdsedtalk

MJDS ED Talks provide a platform to discuss important topics that affect today’s classroom. Join me on <insert date; February 26 or May 21> to hear from Dr. Michael A. Mazius and learn how we can guide today’s students toward success. Learn more: https://www.mjds.org/ed-talk #mjdsedtalk

MJDS ED Talks are free and open to the public. Join me for the next discussion on <insert date; February 26 or May 21> for invaluable discussions with educators and parents in our community. Learn more: https://www.mjds.org/ed-talk #mjdsedtalk

Download and print the poster below to spread the word about MJDS ED Talks!

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