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February 26, 2019 - ED Talk Recording

Presentation Notes - October 30, 2018

Stimulate prefrontal cortex

Serotonin boosts transmission of endorphins

Happiness boosts efficiency of brain

Dan Gilbert stumbling unhappiness

Angela Duckworth Grit

Positive psychology in action

Happy brain


Medical model

New formula


Brain science

Pathway to the PFC

The brain wants to be happy but...neuroplasticity

  1. Look for good news/positives that exist in their world.
  2. Gratitude journal - document 3 positive things each day.
  3. Build an emotional vocabulary.
  4. Failing is a vehicle for problem solving. When you're empowered you're happy!
  5. Simplify and disconnect.
  6. Reflectivity - Power down devices and reflect, bolsters prefrontal cortex activity.
  7. Pleasure, too much creates habituation. Sweet spot is a balance of pleasure and interest.
  8. Habits - Yoga and meditation/mindfulness
  9. Altruism - You feel better when you help others
  10. Friendships - Socialize more/develop friendships rather than just being with others on a soccer team. Social media encourages looking to get likes, making it hard to live real life and have a good self image.
  11. Mirror neurons, children think/feel like parents

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