Thank you FAN fans!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the FAN (Fruit and Nuts) fundraiser during this unprecedented year of COVID 19. Whether you were a seller or a buyer, your participation is important and appreciated. FAN is how we support one another and MJDS to ensure every family who chooses an MJDS education can afford one.

"I appreciated all the extra support I received at MJDS so I'm trying to give back a little. As long as I'm working I'll continue to help."
Risa Hoffman, alum parent who sold 159 boxes to her co-workers

Thank you for supporting the MJDS Fruit and Nut Sale!

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact our FAN team.


FAN Ambassadors
Jamie Baer
Missie Barnett
Rebecca Magana

MJDS Support Team
Cheryl Siegel-Gajewski

Jeffrey Bern