Endowments and Special Purpose Funds

Securing our future for generations to come

Endowment funds provide permanent financial support that MJDS can rely on year after year. These funds ensure that MJDS will be able to maintain long-term financial stability, provide affordable tuition and continue to attract outstanding faculty and staff. Your gift to Milwaukee Jewish Day School Endowment Funds will grow into an enduring legacy for our students.

These funds may be designated to support an area that best captures each donor's interest – faculty professional development, financial aid, academic enrichment, etc. Endowments are established legally as independent funds, and their financial returns are reviewed each year. As a result, MJDS has established policies to help avoid creating funds that incur costs while yielding minimal benefit. At present, a named endowment fund may be created with a minimum of $20,000.

MJDS is pleased to accept donations in any amount to existing endowment funds. These gifts will be used to supplement the principle of an existing fund that is in keeping with the donor’s priority of choice.

To learn more contact Development Director Sharon Saxelby 414-967-8312 or ssaxelby@mjds.org.

Endowments, Legacy Gifts and Special Funds as of July 2018

We gratefully acknowledge donors who have committed to legacy gifts, established endowment and/or special funds for our school. These generous gifts secure the future of the Jewish community by ensuring the education of our children.

Adina Altshull Israel Education Endowment Fund

Bar Mitzvah Year Restricted Endowment Fund

Hyland J. Barnes Family*

Elaine Barnett**

Robert and Donna Berg*

Deborah and Aaron Bernstein*

Nathan and Shannon Bernstein*

Maris and Harvey Bock*

Mark and Cheryl Brickman*

Susan and Allan Carneol*

Ateret and Jacob Cohn Judaic Enrichment Fund

Colton Charitable Foundation

Albert and Ann Deshur Memorial Fund*

Jim and Penny Deshur*

Melanie and Joe Devorkin*

Sol and Eva Dorf Education Endowment Fund

Nina and Richard Edelman Family Endowment Fund

Louise A. Eder Memorial Endowment Fund

Morris and Olga Eder Endowment Fund

Eighth Grade Israel Trip Endowment Fund

Merzy Eisenberg Endowment Fund

Toni Ettenheim Memorial Art Education Endowment Fund

Deborah Elyse Fendrich*

Neena and Richard Florsheim*

Howard Frankenthal Family Fund

Frazer/Schapiro Family*

Gellman Family Endowment

Gollin Family Special Education Fund

Karen and Jason Gottlieb*

Sharon and Mike Grinker*

Robert and Mimi Habush*

Lillian P. Heffernan and Eileen A. Perlson Scholarship Endowment Fund

Joseph and Ruth Hirschberg Teacher Appreciation Endowment

Isaac and Eva Hochman General Purpose Endowment

Leo “Sunshine” Hochman Endowment Fund

Christy and Adam Horn*

Moshe and Debra Katz*

MJDS/Debra and Moshe Katz Family Fund for MJDS Staff Travel to Israel

David and Joan Kazan*

Esther and Alvin Kernis Endowment Fund

Brian King and Sarah Schott*

Michael Kovnar Memorial Special Needs Fund

Jacqueline Kravit Fund for Reading and Computer Literacy

Larry Lieberman Memorial Jewish Life and Learning Endowment Fund

Reva Loeb Theater Arts Fund

Sari Luber*

Gilbert H. Meisel**

Marge Meyers Scholarship Endowment

Felicia and Jamie Miller*

Milwaukee Jewish Day School Endowment Funds

MJDS Graduation Endowment Fund

Milwaukee Jewish Day School Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Sandy** and Lynda Mitz*

Sandy Mitz Technology and Innovation Student Project Fund

Benjamin “Baki” Muchin Athletic Memorial Endowment Fund

Sharon Muchin Rotter Endowment Fund

Elizabeth and James Neubauer*

Kevin and Sarah Packman*

Michaela and Jeffrey Peck*

Eileen A. Perlson Memorial Endowment Fund

Sheryl and Mike Primakow*

Estelle Pump Swerdlow*

Werner and Carol Richheimer*

Judee Ross Memorial Education Fund

Judee Ross Memorial Endowment Fund

Richard A. Ross and Family*

Dr. Robert and Lauren Roth*

Michael and Julie Sadoff*

Judy and Gerry Salinsky*

Lori and Jim Salinsky*

Nathaniel Sattler*

Jay Schmidt Computer and Technology Memorial Fund

Sandy Schmidt*

Doris Shneidman*

Doris Shneidman Chai Endowment Fund

Jodi Habush Sinykin and Dan Sinykin*

Dr. Nathan and Flora Sonin Educational Endowment Fund

Peter and Jodi Sprinkmann*

Stark Family Fund

Rabbi Moishe Steigmann*

Barbara Stein*

Armin K. Taus Scholarship Fund

David and Alisa Wasserman*

Jordan Weigler Fund

Maurice Wolkomir Endowment Fund

Neal and Susan Zechman*

Marvin** and Marilyn** Zetley

Julie and Yonatan Zvi*

Anonymous (5)

*Create a Jewish Legacy Donor

** Of blessed memory