Welcome to the Fruit & Nuts Sale 2017!

Welcome to the Fruit & Nuts Sale 2017!

The MJDS Fruit and Nuts Sale (FAN) is one of our most important annual fundraisers. Thanks to parent participation, FAN sales net approximately $45,000 annually to offset general operating expenses. Each item sold helps provide our students with an MJDS education.

Have a FAN-tastic year and thank you, as always, for your generous support!

Are you ordering FAN to support an MJDS family?


Throughout the 2017-18 school year, MJDS will be celebrating its 36th anniversary. To help mark this special milestone, we are excited to announce that we’ve brought back an old FAN favorite with a twist – Mini Mint Pearls!

This limited anniversary edition is made of the finest quality milk and dark chocolate infused with peppermint flavor and will be available in a 24 ounce package. Join us for a trip down memory lane and indulge in these scrumptious mint chocolate morsels!

Together, we will celebrate our FANiversary year!

Contact Us:

Jessika Jamir - Development Coordinator, 414-967-8380 or jjamir@mjds.org

Cheryl Siegel-Gajewski - Administrative Assistant, 414-967-7136 or csiegel-gajewski@mjds.org

Rebecca Magana - Parent Co-Chair, 414-416-7576, rivka81@sbcglobal.net

Michal Deskalo - Parent Co-Chair, 202-361-0135, mdeskalo@mjds.org