Tzedakah for Refugees

The Torah teaches us to take care of the stranger in our land because we were once strangers in a strange land.

This Chanukah, as you are thinking about gifts for your friends and loved ones, think about how you can gift those in need too. The Upper School Student Leadership Team is leading the whole school in raising money to buy winter clothes and gifts for refugees this Chanukah and winter season. We are partnering with Tikkun Ha-Ir (Repairing the City) and Aurora Healthcare Refugee Program to support eight families new to Wisconsin.

Our collective school goal is to raise $2,500 between November 29 and December 20. If we do, the whole school gets a pajama day. The class that raises the most tzedakah also gets a movie lunch.

For questions please contact any member of the student leadership team or Rabbi Schaller.