Student-owned Learning

MJDS' approach to teaching and learning

Student-owned learning is MJDS' approach to teaching and learning that values authentic, multi-disciplinary experiences, weaving in Jewish values each and every day. Students are given voice and choice in the learning process through hands-on and minds-on opportunities.

Students who own their learning ask meaningful questions, are problem seekers, reflect on their learning, believe that they can make a difference, are willing to FAIL, are persistent and are risk takers. They pursue their passions, communicate and collaborate with the outside world, make connections between ideas and view learning as a recursive process.

Why is student-owned learning so critical?

  • Because children cannot maximize critical thinking and problem-solving skills unless they are solving authentic problems that matter to them.
  • Because children cannot learn to collaborate while sitting quietly in desks and listening to the teacher.
  • Because children cannot develop agility and adaptability, or innovate, unless they have the freedom to explore and inquire — and fail — on their own.
  • And because children must be passionate about what they are learning, be able to analyze and access information and let their curiosity and imagination run wild to completely engage in the learning process.