Amplifying the learning experience

MJDS has been on the cutting edge of school technology for years. Technology is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum, offering students multiple opportunities to be actively involved in the learning experience. We use it as a tool not a learning outcome. Through technology we want students to find answers to their questions, connect with the world, raise awareness, start conversations, make a difference, take action and drive change.

In addition to the standard list (computers, SmartBoards, WiFi, etc.), the school has a large fleet of iPads that elementary classrooms use regularly. Middle school students benefit from a one-to-one Chromebook program; and the entire school benefits from the new Daniel M. Soref Innovation Hub, which marries modern technology resources with a 21st century learning space.

MJDS also recognizes the challenges of modern technology -- specifically the fundamentally important need for children to develop into good digital citizens who know how to use technology in a safe manner. Never has this need been more apparent.