MJDS began its series of ED Talks in February 2015. Inspired by the wildly popular TED Talk format, MJDS ED Talks feature speakers who are on the forefront of education. The purpose of MJDS ED Talks is to build a learning community of parents and educators in the region to gain a better understanding on how and why education is changing around the world. MJDS ED Talks also provide an opportunity to demonstrate how MJDS is on the cutting edge of 21st century teaching and learning. Past ED Talk include the following:

Helping Children & Families Navigate a World of Complex Information

Presented by international leader in education and New York Times Best Selling Author, Alan November.

Click here to see Alan's resources and tools used during his presentation.

Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable: Five Simple Rules for Parents

Presented by New York Times Best Selling Author, Harlan Cohen.

Screening Our Screens: Digital Citizenship - Empathy & Empowerment

Presented by Darren Kuropatwa, international leader and visionary in the field of educational technology

Future Proofing Our Children

Discussion panel with education consultants Dr. Dale Truding, Sara Wilkie and Director of Innovation Brian King.

The Transformative Power of Education

Presented by education visionary Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer at Expeditionary Learning

The Future of Education

Presented by former MJDS Head of School Brian King