Educational Philosophy


At Milwaukee Jewish Day School, we nurture souls to think differently and to own their learning.

We are committed to multi-disciplinary experiences that incorporate our Jewish values, each and every day. Students are given both voice and choice in the learning process through interactive opportunities that develop critical thinking and socially-engaged intelligence that enable our students to understand and successfully engage with the world.

Deep Learning
Deep learning is not only a matter of acquiring information, but of evolving intellect as students face cognitive challenges that require them to deconstruct and reconstruct their thinking.

Students are challenged to think deeply about issues that matter to help them understand ideas from the inside out, and to make connections between ideas and concepts.

Through our inquiry-based curriculum, we encourage question asking and critical thinking so that students are empowered to apply these skills in their daily lives, widening their understanding to take action.

A Collaborative Approach
Immense cognitive growth occurs through social interactions at MJDS. Our students learn with and from one another in a supportive and nurturing setting to impact their social and academic learning. Students are able to come together to share ideas, find connections and support each other’s thinking to drive their learning experience.

Tikkun Olam
A strong sense of social responsibility rings through the halls of MJDS; students are encouraged to “move from me to we” to explore how they can move beyond themselves and the local community to help and support others. Through the Repairing Together program, MJDS students learn about and act on a commitment to diversity and improving the lives of others.