How do we educate today’s child to be successful in the future?

The field of education has reached a turning point in history. Access to information has never been easier and faster – it’s literally in the palm of any student’s hand. The world that today’s student will enter as an adult will be vastly different. More and more tasks will be automated. Advances in artificial intelligence, will enable machines to do work that ten years ago would have been considered science fiction. In this future, entire industries will have vanished, while new ones – some of which we would have never predicted – will be born.

A seminal study from Oxford University in 2013, entitled “The Future of Employment,” uses economic and mathematical forecasting to predict which jobs are “at risk” of being eliminated due to advances in automation and artificial intelligence. It concluded that 47 percent of jobs are at risk in the next 20-30 years.

If almost half of all current jobs are at risk, schools today must understand why. Even more importantly, they must educate children to be successful in the jobs that are most likely to still exist or be created in the future.

What kinds of jobs will still exist in 20 years? The answer lies in understanding what machines are highly unlikely to be able to do in the future. Two uniquely human intelligences rise to the top: creative intelligence— the capacity for originality, problem solving, artistic expression, etc. — and emotional intelligence— complex human interactions, empathy, communication, etc. These two intelligences are the prerequisites for innovation.

At MJDS we teach students to become innovators and to own their learning. We nurture their inherent creativity, allow them to solve authentic problems and give them the freedom to fail and then try again.