MJDS Outcomes

At MJDS we nurture souls to think differently and to own their learning.

We strive to develop the skills, mindsets and core competencies that create the next generation of educated, caring and contributing Jewish adults. During a ten-year learning journey at MJDS, our students will:

  • Own their learning
  • Think differently
  • Develop a nurtured soul

Own their learning

We accomplish these goals through an approach to teaching and learning that values authentic, multi-disciplinary experiences, weaving in our Jewish values each and every day. Students are given voice and choice in the learning process through hands-on and minds-on opportunities.

Think differently

Essential skills for today and tomorrow:

  • Critical thinking and problem finding
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Agility and adaptability
  • Initiative and entrepreneurship
  • Curiosity and imagination
  • Creativity and innovation

Lifelong mindsets:

  • Self-discipline and resilience
  • Accepting challenges and taking calculated risks
  • Remaining positive and believing in oneself
  • A drive to take action and help others
  • A passion for learning
  • Persistence and optimism

Critical core competencies in Jewish and general studies education:

  • The study of language arts prepares students to read, write, speak and listen to deepen their own and others' knowledge of the world.
  • The study of the Hebrew language emphasizes its fundamental importance to Jewish identity.
  • The study of mathematics focuses on the understanding and application of mathematical concepts and practices, emphasizing creative problem solving.
  • The study of social studies incorporates answering questions about how the world works and human concerns.
  • The study of Judaism encompasses the Torah, service to God, and acts of human kindness.
  • The study of science fosters the processes of inquiry and design as they relate to observation, exploration and scientific topics.
  • The study of wellness strengthens the necessary physical, social and emotional health for today and tomorrow.
  • The study of the arts incorporates art and music with an emphasis on creative expression.

Where academic excellence and Jewish values prepare children for a lifetime of success, leadership and engagement with the world.

הצהרת כוונותבית הספר היהודי היומי הקהילתי של מילווקי – היכן שמצויינות חינוכית וערכים יהודיים מכינים את תלמידינו לחיים של הצלחה, מנהיגות ומעורבות.