Repairing Together

Who We Are

Repairing Together is a Milwaukee-based non-profit organization, aimed at bringing children from different backgrounds together. Established in 2016 by Elsien Crawford, we partner with local schools to share and celebrate the cultural, racial and social differences in our local communities. During the summer of 2018, MJDS saw the value of bringing the whole project in-house and expanded the program to include its younger grades.

Our partners include Milwaukee College Prep 38th Street campus, Bruce Guadalupe School UCC and the Indian Community School. Repairing Together works with local organizations such as the Urban Ecology Center, Victory Gardens Initiative, the Hunger Task Force, Serve2Unite, Arts@Large, Holocaust Education and Resource Center, Hours Against Hate, UW-Milwaukee and more.

What We Do

Through a close collaboration with our partner schools and non-profit organizations in Milwaukee, we develop intensive programs that teach lessons in empathy and understanding to children from different backgrounds. Through these programs, children are given the opportunity to take part in a number of group activities where they create diverse friendship groups for life.

From kindness and respect to repairing the environment and the world, to becoming our future leaders and visionaries, our programming is structured around shared values from a Jewish perspective, which happen to be common values across all communities.

Our Programs

Repairing Together creates its programming to help facilitate and teach specific segments with input from students. We take special care to measure the effect felt on students -- eighth graders complete an empathy survey at the beginning of the year and at the end of the same school year to gauge any shifts in their attitudes. Additionally, each program includes a post-event evaluation for students and teachers alike. Our program is dynamic and designed to meet the needs of those involved. As a result, we regularly review feedback and suggestions from all participants.

Our Vision

We envision a journey for all students who participate in the Repairing Together program. Children in first grade enter into the programming and grow through the years together with partner peers, until they finish eighth grade. Throughout their journey, students create lifelong bonds with students from the other partner schools.

Sponsors and Donors

Repairing Together applies for grants and funds through different local foundations and private donors so that we can offer our programs completely free of charge to our involved schools.

Connect with Us

To learn more about Repairing Together, please contact Project Director Elsien Crawford.

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