At MJDS every student is an artist

The art room at MJDS is a creative space that encourages in depth exploration of different media and materials. We help students find the medium they enjoy to express themselves with confidence and in creative ways. Students from junior kindergarten to eighth grade develop skills to artistically express themselves. The nature of the projects coupled with unstructured time offer open-ended results and multiple opportunities for ideas to flourish.

Throughout the years, MJDS alumni discovered their passions in visual arts, music and performing arts and turned their artistic passions into professional careers.

"I believe each child and human has a natural need to create. Art develops our powers of observation, makes our brains more flexible and helps us make connections between subjects. My goal is to help each child find the medium they love to use so they can express themselves with confidence and enjoy the creative process."-- Rena Porat, Art teacher, Omanut Program Coordinator