MJDS athletics are an integral part of our educational program. The athletics program is designed to enhance the overall MJDS experience by helping each student develop skills necessary for personal growth, teamwork and healthy competition. The athletics program is also a platform for Jewish learning. It is through meaningful athletic experiences that students put Jewish values into action, adopt Jewish behaviors and identify Jewish outcomes.

Jewish values lived in athletics

Kindness // Hesed // חסד
Integrating and practicing kindness

Students practice kindness and respect toward themselves, their team members and opponents.

Mindfulness // Kavvanah // כוונה
Acting mindfully and purposefully

Students learn to focus and direct their minds and hearts to their specific role in the teams.

Community // Kehillah // קהילה Creating community and fostering citizenship

Students understand how their contribution as athletes help build a stronger community.

Empathy // Derekh Eretz // דרך ארץ
Treating others with common decency

Students compete and interact against teams in diverse communities in the area. Students learn to treat opponents and their communities with respect.

Purpose // Ahdut // אחדות Acting as one for a common purpose

Students discover how to work together for a common purpose.

Repair the world // Tikkun olam // תיקון עולם

Students internalize how through their individual persistence, perseverance and effort they can have a positive impact in the team, their community and the world.

Upper School Athletics

Our after-school athletics program allows all middle school students to participate equally in a safe, fun environment. We encourage students to participate in the North Shore Conference, competing against teams from other area middle schools.

Although winning is one goal, the main focus of athletics at MJDS is to build teamwork and cooperation. No one is cut from any team based on skill, and play time is divided equally among all players.



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